Beyond keywords – write to impress humans, not computers

Type ‘keywords’ LinkedIn into Google. What do you see? Your first page of search results will include three types of article. Firstly, keyword and search engine optimisation advice. Secondly, a list of verbs to include in your profile. Thirdlylist of words not to include in your LinkedIn profile. While this advice will help candidates get their profiles through automated candidatescreening processes, it won’t help them make a great impression. This is because the principles that make for good search engine optimisation are the opposite of principles of influential language use.  


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Think Positive: Five Steps You Can Take Today

If you’ve been told ‘just think positive’ you probably know how hard this advice can be to take. I’ve worked with thousands of people who want to be more confident and more positive. There are five things I know can help you ‘think positive’ in an easy and natural way.

When you hit problems, shift into solution-finding mode

I’m a big fan of being solution focussed. This means taking your attention away from the problem and looking for ways to solve it. There are five principles to keep in mind here:

  • Resist asking ‘why’
  • Ask ‘how can I solve this?’
  • Focus on coming up with as many potential options as you can
  • Be creative.
  • Turn off logic while you brainstorm.

Taking this approach will program your unconscious mind to generate lots of ways of sorting out the problem. The more often you take a solution focussed approach, the easier it becomes to think this way. Read more

5 Habits of Confident Negotiators

Power-up your negotiation skills with tips on how to feel confident when negotiating. Learn five strategies to heighten your influence during negotiations. Find out how to define your outcome before opening a negotiation. Build a back-up plan that will strengthen your position.


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