What's holding YOU back?

Have you hit the glass ceiling? Are office politics killing your career?  Do you deserve a pay-rise or promotion, but feel unsure how negotiate it? Now is the time to take action, work with a success coach and turn your situation around.

Yes! There are ways to overcome the common problems women face in their careers. Coaching can help you power through frustrating 'glass ceiling moments' such as:

  • Not being taken seriously as a professional woman in a male-dominated industry
  • Having less-talented colleagues claim credit for YOUR hard work, ideas or creative work 
  • Being called a 'pushy b' simply because you've stepped into a leadership role
  • Negotiating a fair salary, instead of accepting the first offer you're given
  • Feeling side-lined when you return from maternity leave
  • Taking the plunge, leaving that mind-numbing job and setting up your own business
  • Dealing with the exhaustion caused by juggling too much at work and at home

Hi. I'm Eleanor Shakiba - the glass ceiling smasher.

I work with talented women whose careers have stalled.  I know how exasperating it can be to hit a career block, because it's happened to me. I spent years becoming a brilliant communications skills trainer, only to make the mistake of moving into a management role. Suddenly I was pushing paper instead of doing what I love - helping people excel. I was stranded in a political minefield, unable to move my team forward due to never ending restructures at work. My solution was to set up my own business. It's been terrifying, exhilarating and worth every sleepless night.

Today I have my ideal lifestyle. I work with dynamic, ambitious women who want to move beyond superficial blocks at work. Does this sound like you YOU? Then you're an ideal candidate for coaching. I'll show you how to turn frustration into triumph and sort out real life problems. 


What results can you expect from coaching?

You can expect measurable, concrete results. We'll set goals at the start of your program so we can track your success. I'll help you think, talk and behave in ways that break down barriers or eradicate those pesky glass ceilings. Here are just some of the things I've helped other women do. I can help YOU do them too. Imagine how your life will improve when you can confidently achieve results like these. 

  • Negotiate a fair deal in a performance review or salary negotiation
  • Plan what to do and say in that upcoming job interview
  • Handle a bullying boss (or direct report) confidently and assertively
  • Look, sound and feel confident public speaking, whether it's in the workplace or at a conference
  • Build a standout personal brand without looking pushy - by publishing on social media, polishing your linkedin profile or writing that book (at last!)
  • Excel in leadership roles without burning out

It doesn't matter if you feel a bit 'stuck' at the moment - that's normal when you hit unexpected barriers. What DOES matter is your attitude. If you are committed to overcoming obstacles, finding solutions and learning new skills, you're a great candidate for coaching.  Yes. It's that easy. So stop putting your success on hold and take action now.


How is success coaching different to training or online 'group coaching'?

Success coaching is personal. It's is a one-to-one teaching conversation.  It works faster than training because it zeros in on YOUR specific problems. It is totally focussed on YOU. Perhaps you've been disappointed by online 'coaching systems' that were really just facebook groups talking aimlessly. If so, you'll find one-to-one coaching totally relevant, refreshing and inspiring.  I won't sell you a one-size-fits all 'coaching product'. Instead, I'll work with you to identify and address your specific challenges. Watch this video to see me in action. 


Ready to get started? Here's how to do it

Book your free discovery session here. Your discovery session will take 30 minutes. It's your chance to confirm that we 'click'. It's also your opportunity to tell me what's holding you back so we can set goals for your program. At the end of this session, I'll help you choose a coaching pack to fit your needs and budget. Then we'll set up your appointments. 

Alternatively, you can explore coaching a bit more by downloading a free coaching starter pack here. It's full of information for savvy high achievers who are great candidates for coaching - like you. 


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