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Mojo Reboot

Rewire your brain’s motivational circuits.

Welcome to Mojo Reboot.

This course will teach you the power of your own brain.  The combination of positive psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming will provide you with practical ways to change the way you think, view past events and approach life in general.  You may not get to control what happens around you, but you can always take charge of what goes on in your head. You can prime your mind for success through solution-focused thinking. You’ll learn how to turn negative thinking patterns that leave you feeling down into thoughts that lead to hope and a more positive outlook. You’ll discover Neuro Motivation tools that will help you focus on the ‘how’ by reprogramming your behaviours to thrive in adversity. At the end of this 21 day journey, see your optimistic, confident, happy and Vibrant Self emerge. 

Here's what to do now

First, you can access your bonus training sessions right now. Your free course Reset Your Mindset is ready to access here. You can also access your free Neuro Active Learning pack here. It contains 3 NLP mind programming audio files. Please listen to these in a place where you can relax safely. These will reset your mental ‘baseline’ in preparation for our first session. Instructions for how to access this bonus course are in your welcome email. 

You can also choose any other course from my training library. Please select your course and email it to and we will supply you with the coupon code. It will be sent to you within 2 working days. 

Meanwhile, you can download your Mojo Reboot course manual right now. Use the link below to do this. The manual contains a summary of key points we’ll cover during the program. Plus ideas for using those points in real life. Also download your course logistics sheet here. This will be your guide to the whens and hows of the course.

You can also do your Mojo Measures questionnaire today. This will help you pinpoint which areas to focus on during our time together. I’ll be reading your answers before we start, too, so I can get to know you before the course. You’ll find a link to this questionnaire below.

Finally, make sure you tap into advice and support by joining the Rebooters Connect Facebook group. This is where you can post your ideas, interact with fellow group members and get answers to your questions. 

Remember to check this portal each week, too. I’ll be posting recordings of all sessions and some extra resources as we go. If you’re in the  Mojo Reboot Accelerator Program, make sure you book your 1:1 coaching sessions into my calendar. Instructions for doing this are in your welcome email. 

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