Get the most from your vacation or minibreak, even during hectic times

Do you find it hard to relax when you take a break? It’s a common problem for high achievers. Learn how to renew and unwind on demand, so you can make the most of holidays or mini-breaks. Reduce any family conflicts which can be sparked by disrupted routines. Prevent the rumination that can set in after a high-stress time. Set boundaries and limits, so you spend you break time doing things that work for YOU.

By the end of this course, you should be able to achieve these results. 

  • Recognise key factors which can trigger holiday stress, especially after a very busy time at work
  • Plan ahead to minimise stress and overload during vacations or holiday seasons
  • Establish meaningful ways to celebrate family or community traditions even when you cannot gather together
  • Stop rumination and negative thoughts impacting your mood during your break
  • Support friends or family members who have experienced illness, grief or loss in the lead-up to a shared holiday

You’ve invested in your holiday, now invest in yourself.

If you’re stressed by the idea of taking a break, it’s time to decide. You can have another break where you take days to unwind or get sick as soon as you relax. Or you can enrol in Relax and Unwind and get the break you deserve. The choice is easy, isn’t it?

Recover, renew and revive

About your course presenter




Hi! My name is Eleanor Shakiba.

I help talented professionals – like you – think and speak in ways that drive success. I’ve trained over 50,000 people to handle tough conversations and stand out as high impact communicators. 

I started my career as a staff development trainer at the University of Sydney. These days,  I run my own training business, Think Learn Succeed.

I deliver programs covering three main areas: positive mindset, powerful communication and purposeful leadership.

In Renew and Revive, I’ll explain how you can work on your mindset to recover from challenging times and focus on thriving well into the future. 

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