Master the art of verbal self-defense

There’s nothing worse than a verbal attack that comes out of the blue. It’s unexpected, embarrassing and unfair. So it’s natural that you want to defend yourself. 

But that’s a problem. Because reacting instinctively plays right into the hands of difficult people. You need a smarter way; one based on the psychology of influence. 

You need the Verbal Attack Response System.

What’s included in your course pack

This mini-course contains resources to get you started quickly

  • 6 video lessons of around 10 minutes each
  • Course manual

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About your course presenter

Welcome! My name is Eleanor Shakiba. 

I help talented professionals – like you – think and speak in ways that drive success. I’ve trained over 50,000 people to handle tough conversations and stand out as high impact communicators. 

I started my career as a staff development trainer at the University of Sydney. These days,  I run my own training business, Think Learn Succeed. I run in-person training and coaching, as well as delivering online education. 

The question I get asked most often is “How do I handle difficult people?” That’s why I designed my flagship course,  Difficult People Made Easy. Originally, the Verbal Attack Response System was part of that course. But it’s so popular, I’ve made it into a stand-alone program. 

This mini- course teaches you what to do when difficult people attack you verbally.  It is based on proven de-escalation techniques that I have been teaching for over 20 years.

If you want skills for handling difficult people without drama and conflict, join me in the Verbal Attack Response System mini course now. 

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