VIDEO: Write a Wow Factor LinkedIn Profile


Discover how to write a great LinkedIn Profile in just 60 minutes. Use your LinkedIn page to stand out as a star in your field by making the most of your headline and summary section. Build up an impressive online portfolio. Show potential employers and customers how your skills and experience will benefit them. Make the most of your photo and your skills section.

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Free quiz: How impressive is your LinkedIn profile?


Six months ago, I was setting up a LinkedIn group for participants in one of my Corporate Wise Women programs. These were all young, savvy, high achievers. So, I was perplexed to see that their LinkedIn pages were…well, dire. All the worst habits of profile writing were on display as I browsed: low quality photos, drab language and poor attention to reader needs. 


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VIDEO: 5 Habits of High Impact Bloggers


Want to get better results from your blogging efforts? Learn how to write great blog posts easily in this inspiring video. Adopt the habits best-selling authors use to stay inspired and focused. Focus your attention, create time to blog, find inspiration for attention-grabbing articles. Read more

Find Time to Write Your Blog

Publishing your own blog is a proven way to boost your professional profile, but it will only work if you regularly produce a high quality product. Professional bloggers publish predictably, consistently and regularly.

So if you’re serious about writing a blog, you need to make the time to be consistent. Here are five tips you can use to beat procrastination and get your blog out on time, every time.

Map out six months’ of post titles

Effective bloggers are efficient bloggers. They write to a plan, rather than writing haphazardly. To create your plan:

  • Decide on your theme
  • Brainstorm six post titles
  • Sequence the titles so they make logical sense

Now you’re ready to start planning the points you’re going to make in each post.

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VIDEO: Fire up your blog writing


Are you struggling to keep up the momentum of writing blog post after blog post? It’s time to get organised and learn the secrets of successful blog post writing. Learn to beat writer’s block and write a 500-word post in just one hour. Get tips and advice from author and coach, Eleanor Shakiba. Read more

The downside of being helpful

Being a team player. Supporting other people. Helping your colleagues. Many women see these behaviours as their strengths. Recently however, I heard a thought-provoking comment about strengths.

A colleague confidently proclaimed ‘Well, when you over-use a strength it becomes a limiting force.’ I wonder if you agree with this statement? It certainly had an impact on me. Read more

Build a Standout Personal Brand

If you’re serious about success, you need to actively work on your personal brand. This is the persona you present to the world. It defines how other people perceive you.

There are five key steps for managing your personal brand. Here are some tips you can use to make-over your personal brand easily and successfully.

Be crystal clear about what you stand for

Because your brand is an expression of who you are, you need to be sure you know who you are. Consider questions such as “What makes you different to everyone else?” and “What do you want to communicate to the world?”

After you’ve answered these questions summarise your responses in three sentences. Distil these into a single sentence of seven words or less. Then move on to the next step.



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2017: Your Year to Smash Through Glass Ceilings

Welcome to 2017. This year, I’ll be focussing my newsletter on tips for helping savvy, professional women – like you or your female colleagues –  thrive in today’s demanding world.

This new women and success theme reflects a crystalisation of my professional focus. From now on, my goal is to help high potential women burst through glass ceilings. That’s why I’ve changed my tagline to ‘the glass ceiling smasher’.

You might be wondering what inspired this change of focus? Well, I’ve been a presenter and coach for 22 years now. In that time, 90 percent of the people I’ve helped have been high potential women. Women who’ve hit frustrating road blocks on their paths to success. From under-resourced women in Bali, to stressed out Australian females in leadership roles, the women I meet consistently report experiencing three main barriers to success. 

  • Being seen and taken seriously
  • Feeling confident and maintaining momentum
  • Having an impact and being heard

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Get your point across

When people won’t listen, you need to focus their attention. Use the Broken Record technique to do this.

This technique involves repeating your message until it is heard. The name ‘Broken Record’ refers to what happens when old fashioned vinyl records are scratched – the needle of a record player loops over the same section of the recording indefinitely. There are six steps involved in using Broken Record.

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What to do about abusive callers

Are your customers much nastier on the phone than face to face? Here’s how to put a stop to their behaviour.

Be clear about your company’s policy

Your employer has a duty of care. You should be protected from being bullied or harassed. This means having a policy on how abusive customers are handled. A good policy should outline how you can respond to abuse, when you should transfer a caller to someone more senior and how to end a call if abuse is unreasonable. Make sure you’re familiar with your company’s policy. If they don’t have one, draft one and propose it to management.

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