Does positive thinking really work?

‘Just think positive’. I’m sure you’ve had this advice at some point in your life. But is it good advice? What’s the evidence that thinking positive will really help? These are fascinating questions, which you should ask yourself before attempting to ‘think positive’.

Is thinking positive a good idea?

The answer depends on what you mean by ‘positive thinking’. In every day conversation, we refer to positive thinking as a one-off intervention. For example, a team member complains about something and the supervisor responds, ‘Just think positive’. This is less likely to reap good results, than a more systematic approach to positive thinking. One of my favourite quotes comes from an article by Richard G Moore who says ‘Good cognitive interventions do not always focus primarily on changing specific negative propositions’. He goes on to argue ‘that effective strategies for changing thinking tend to extend beyond a single thought to challenge mental paradigms’. Read more

What is positive psychology?

Are you wondering what positive psychology is? Asking yourself how it’s different to other streams of psychology? Get a quick overview of this fascinating field, as I explore the uestion “What is positive psychology?” in an animated video. Learn about the science of studying what makes humans thrive.



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5 Signs You Need a Confidence Makeover

A confident woman is like the sun in a clear blue sky. She radiates energy, light and life. Sometimes, though, clouds can obscure your radiance. If you feel like your confidence is hiding behind dark clouds. It’s time to do a confidence makeover.


In my work as a success coach, I encounter five signs which tell me that a woman needs to do this. Are you showing these signs and if so, what can you do to revamp your confidence? Here are the tips I give my coaching clients.


You’re a nervous public speaker

Low confidence and stage fright go hand-in-hand, but if you want to make it in the professional world you need to conquer your fear of public speaking. Suggestions I give my clients on how to do this include making an effort to speak during meetings and attending a two or three day public speaking training program. Make sure that you find one that includes lots of opportunities to speak and get feedback. Read more

Give Yourself a Confidence Makeover


Are you wondering how to feel more confident? Then you need to watch this video now. Get tips for boosting your self-esteem and raising your confidence levels using positive psychology. Hear how to find the courage to speak up during meetings or when presenting. Beat the habit of saying ‘yes’ to everything. Overcome perfectionist thinking so you can talk and behave more confidently.



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Snake oil can improve confidence

Sadly, this claim is not true. It does, however, sound very like the claims being made by unqualified, ‘expert coaches’ who are touting their services online these.

Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more people claiming to be experts at personal development. Many of them brag about having no qualifications or experience in their areas of expertise. For example:

  • The marketing expert who has no track record or qualifications
  • The self-esteem coach whose website is full of depressing, negative statements about the human condition
  • The birthing coach who claims to be qualified because she’s had a baby herself

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Beat blushing

Maggie suffered from chronic blushing. It made her hesitant about meeting new people or speaking in meetings.

Blushing is quite a common problem. It’s often linked to social anxiety or stress. Maggie had heard that Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help prevent unwanted blushing. She came to Think Learn Succeed for help with her problem. Working with coach Eleanor Shakiba, Maggie mastered four techniques for beating the blush. These were based on tools from NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

You can use the same strategies to stay calm and unflushed when coping with tough situations.

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