We turn skilled professionals into savvy communicators

Looking for a ‘wow factor’ trainer? Want a great facilitator for your teambuilding day? Need one-to-one coaching? Think Learn Succeed can help. We specialise in:

  • Communication skills training for corporate clients
  • Solution focussed coaching for individuals
  • Team development and team building events

Every session we run is custom designed to fit your work context. Because our facilitators are experts in adult learning, we don’t just deliver course content, we bring it to life. We make learning stick, so your team can apply it back at work.

Meet the creator of Think Learn Succeed

Our team is led by people skills expert, Eleanor Shakiba. Eleanor is passionate about helping people master the craft of communication. She Eleanor the author of Difficult People Made Easy and written over ninety training programs.

Eleanor’s blog is a rich resource for professionals who want to excel at work. It contains ‘how to’ videos and tip sheets on the art of solving ‘people problems’ and communicating confidently. Sign up now to receive these twice a month, absolutely free.

Delivering our programs is a team effort. The talented team who work with Eleanor include:

  • Emma Wilson – administration
  • Eva Mezei – digital learning
  • Wendy Jocum – facilitator
  • Kai Raisbeck – video expert

Do YOUR people need high level communication skills? Don’t just run a workshop, create a dynamic learning event. Contact Eleanor to discuss your needs. Call 61-433 126 841