Welcome to Team Shakiba

We're a team of positive deviants, who love creating dynamic learning experiences. Although we're a small group, our goal is to make a huge impact on how people think and communicate. We believe positive psychology is a powerful force for change. That’s why we embed it in everything we do. Here's who you're working with when you learn with Eleanor Shakiba.

Positive deviance trainer

Eleanor is a trainer and coach, with a passion for unleashing the power of positive deviance in talented people. Her greatest strength is creativity, which you will experience in the training room through storytelling and visual design. She's never far from a training room - either as the facilitator or a group participant. When not in a training room, Eleanor enjoys taking photos, writing and learning new things.

Logistics dynamo

Mariel harnessed her talent for making things happen from her experience as a production coordinator and client services manager. She can help you book your training or coaching sessions. She also ensures your corporate workshops are all set to run smoothly. Mariel has a background in Communications and a passion for travel, dance and her dog.

John Rei
Tech wizard

John Rei performs his digital magic to make sure your online course goes without a hitch. With more than 10 years of tech experience, he manages Eleanor's websites and tech issues. During his free time, John Rei dabbles in film making and music

Instructional Designer

Faye uses her instructional design and graphic design experience to help Eleanor craft dynamic training materials. She also edits videos so you can enjoy small nuggets of inspiration from Eleanor. Faye has previously worked in corporate training as a facilitator, coach, and instructional designer. These days, she enjoys the flexibility of working remotely from home. On weekends, she spends her time freediving and happily working independently an introvert.