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Imagine a thriving future where exceptional results are the norm. I can help you create that reality, by tapping into the power of ‘positive deviance’. Equip yourself and your people for success with my courses on positive mindset, powerful communication and purposeful leadership.

Courses to inspire positive deviance

Boost your skills and build your wisdom. As an experienced professional, you need ‘next level’ training. That’s what you’ll find on our e-learning site, Learn with Eleanor Shakiba.



Do you have a big stretch goal that’s been on the backburner for ages? What would it take to finally get it done? More time? Less interruptions? Truckloads of self-motivation? In Momentum Lab, you’ll learn how to go from stuck to unstoppable in just 7 days. So, you can smash your Big Stretch Goal or get that important project done.


Leader Guides Pack

Everything you need to lead your team with impact and confidence. The Leader Guides Pack contains workbooks from our three most popular leadership programs. Giving and Receiving Feedback makes it easy to manage underperformance AND to bring out the best in your top performers. Managing Remote Teams is your essential guide to motivating, managing and inspiring offshore and remote team members. Managing for Peak Performance gets you ready to bring out the best in everyone- including yourself!


Complete Confidence with NLP

Eliminate self-sabotage, fear and perfectionism and power up your self-assurance in just 3 weeks. Complete Confidence is an interactive, online coaching program for self-doubting professionals and managers who want to become bold, high impact leaders.


Verbal Attack Response System

Being verbally attacked is upsetting and disconcerting. That can leave you lost for words – until you master verbal self defense. The Verbal Attack Response System makes dealing with difficult people easy.


Renew and Revive

Wind down and get ready for a relaxing break. Prevent holiday crash ‘n’ burn with positive psychology.


Stand out on LinkedIn

Standing out on LinkedIn is surprisingly easy. After all, most people do a terrible job of writing their profiles. So if yours includes 5 simple elements, you’ll stand out from the digital crowd. Standout on Linkedin shows you exactly how to do that. Even if you hate promoting yourself, have a chronic case of writer’s block or suffer from imposter syndrome.


6 Habits of Savvy Female Negotiators

Find out what confident female negotiators do differently to the rest of us. Stop feeling nervous or unsure of yourself. Open, lead and close negotiations with impact. Stand up for yourself without offending anyone. Build your negotiation know-how, so you can avoid falling into the traps that hold so many women back.


Difficult People Made Easy

Turn tough conversations into constructive dialogues. End the stress of avoiding issues and putting up with challenging behaviour. Learn to feel confident dealing with psychological ‘game-playing’. Maintain your personal power when dealing with aggressive behaviours – such as shouting, criticising or using abusive language patterns. Respond to passive-aggressive behaviours (such as gossiping, going slow or buck-passing) without getting roped into power games.


Neuro Active Learning Pack

Prime your mind for success with NLP trance induction techniques. Overcome fear, recharge your energy and stay focused on your goals. Relax and learn with three bonus audio sessions.


Reset Your Mindset

Are negative thoughts or disempowering beliefs holding you back? It’s time to make a change. Power up your optimism, confidence and positivity by resetting your mental ‘baseline’. Stop self-doubt and pessimism eroding your joy in life. Discover how easy it is to overcome problems or setbacks, using breakthrough thinking tools. Make change simple, using a three step Neuro Motivation system based on NLP.