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Eleanor Shakiba

Imagine a thriving future where exceptional results are the norm. I can help you create that reality, by tapping into the power of ‘positive deviance’. Equip yourself and your people for success with my courses on positive mindset, powerful communication and purposeful leadership.

Featured Courses

AUD $75

Neuro Active Learning Pack

Prime your mind for success with NLP trance induction techniques. Overcome fear, recharge your energy and stay focused on your goals. Relax and learn with three bonus audio sessions.
AUD $110

Reset Your Mindset

Are negative thoughts or disempowering beliefs holding you back? It’s time to make a change. Power up your optimism, confidence and positivity by resetting your mental ‘baseline’. Stop self-doubt and pessimism eroding your joy in life. Discover how easy it is to overcome problems or setbacks, using breakthrough thinking tools. Make change simple, using a three step Neuro Motivation system based on NLP.

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