Success tips from our clients and colleagues

We love working with talented, motivated people. Here our past clients share their wisdom and success stories - as well as a few thoughts on what they learned from us.

Jenny Beatson


Jenny Beatson explains how to juggle work and family life. Read her tips here.


Aggie Lim shares advice on listening in tough situations. Find out more here.



Ed Lukaszewski talks describes how to make stress management a breeze. Read more.



Heather Kirk knows that NLP can be a useful tool for managers. Get some great tips in her story here.


Kate Roth provides some pointers for making team building days successful. Download now.

Louise obrien


Louise O’Brien has been on many job interview panels. Get her advice on making a great impression at interviews here.


Marie Daniels is a professional trainer. She knows how to make a message stick. Download her tip sheet so you can do the same.


Accountant Michelle Pearse shares her advice on setting and achieving financial goals. Find out more.


Nick Hunt explains why scientists need team skills. Read his tips for working in teams.


Paul Bowles excels at change management. Download his tips for leading change at work.


Roxanne Ruscoe knows how to run high impact meetings. Tap into her wisdom in this free tip sheet.


Stephen Robinson is a wow factor presenter. Grab some practical tips from him here.


Susan Griffiths shares her advice on how to build your personal brand. Download now.


Susi Petherick discusses the art of creative thinking. Read her advice here.



Wendy Jocum coaches and trains people who are going through change. Find out how she helps them stay positive, no matter how challenging their situations.