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Ditch your limiting beliefs, so you can thrive and succeed

Are negative thoughts or disempowering beliefs holding you back? It’s time to make a change. Power up your optimism, confidence and positivity by resetting your mental ‘baseline’. Stop self-doubt and pessimism eroding your joy in life. Discover how easy it is to overcome problems or setbacks, using breakthrough thinking tools. Make change simple, using a three step Neuro Motivation system based on NLP.

In this inspiring program, you’ll learn exactly how to:

  • Ditch ‘negative’ thinking habits that make you feel powerless, self-conscious or out of control
  • Shift your focus of attention, so you can find brilliant solutions to problems
  • Feel confident and in charge of your own destiny, by ditching catastrophic thinking patterns
  • Set your default thinking mode to be optimistic and supportive – so you can truly believe in yourself
  • Use breakthough thinking tools to fuel success, even when you’re facing tough times or difficult situations

What’s covered in this course?

Building a resourceful mindset

″There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.″ This idea is central to reshaping your mindset and freeing yourself from negativity. Discover how to use ‘meta thinking’ techniques to step beyond pessimistic mindsets, so you can fuel your optimism and self-belief. Use an NLP trance session to program your mind for thriving rather than surviving.

Becoming response-able

Do you feel helpless, powerless or out of control? If so, you might be suffering from learned helplessness. But here’s the good news: you can unlearn the patterns that seed your disempowering feelings. Get started right away,  by learning to dispute pessimistic or chaotic thoughts. Relax and learn with an NLP mind programming session that will train your brain to respond constructively, rather than react destructively.

Finding solutions and building success

Do you have lots of problems? Well, the more you focus on those problems, the harder they will be to solve. Discover how to shift into solution focused mode, by mastering the art of redirecting your mind. Build your motivation and self-esteem by focusing on ways to succeed – instead of ways you might fail. This session includes a process for turbo-charging your creative thinking.

Thinking smarter, feeling stronger

If you experience moments of worry, anxiety or self-doubt, you’re applying your creativity backwards! Find out why this happens. Then learn a fast way to break unhelpful mental rehearsal habits. Get smart by reconfiguring your ‘what if’ thinking. Then set up a mental program for driving positive action.

Priming your mind for change

Wrap up your learning with a fast-acting NLP trance session. Relax while your mind sets up new patterns for positivity, hope and optimism. All without you needing to do anything active.

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About your course presenter

Welcome! My name is Eleanor Shakiba. I’m a positive psychology trainer and success coach, based in Sydney. I started my career as a trainer at the University of Sydney. These days, I run my own training business, Think Learn Succeed.

My passion is helping smart professionals – like you – to excel. I teach savvy people how to develop positive mindsets, powerful communication and purposeful action. I deliver programs covering three main areas: positive mindset, powerful communication and purposeful leadership.

To succeed in shifting your thinking habits, you need simple but effective tools. Tools you can use right away, without trawling through hours of theory. I kept this in mind as I created Reset Your Mindset. It’s full of practical tips you can use to replace unhelpful, outdated thinking habits with empowering beliefs and thinking strategies. The course was inspired by research into how confident, thriving people use their minds. I knew that, with the right toolkit, my students could stop holding themselves back with negative thinking habits and begin getting results. Fast.

I’ve been teaching the tools of optimistic thinking for over 20 years. This course makes those tools  available online for the first time. If you want a proven process for becoming a happier, more successful version of yourself, Reset Your Mindset is for you.