Dynamic leadership

Leadership is the power to inspire positive action 

Give that power to YOUR leaders. We'll teach them to adopt resilient mindsets, people savvy communication habits and vision. 

  • Don’t allow lack-lustre leadership to hold your business back
  • Build a passionate, inspired senior team with a will to succeed
  • Say ‘no’ to weak management
  • Develop your leaders’ strength, wisdom and drive
  • Reduce conflict and political game-playing in your leadership team
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration and success

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Beating Workplace Bullying A Manager’s Guide1

Building High Performance Teams1

Coaching for Star Performance1

Crunch Point Conversations for Managers1

Feedback with Flair1

Leading with EQ1

Performance Management1

The Psychology of Workplace Change1

Beating Workplace Bullying: A Manager's Guide

Bullying can happen in any workplace. No-one deserves the physical and psychological abuse it involves. Managers and employees have an obligation to free the workplace of bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. In this course you’ll find out what you’re expected to do - as manager- to keep your workplace safe and bully-free. You’ll also hear how to recognise, prevent and deal with bullying at work.

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Building High Performance Teams

Every manager dreams of having staff who are inspired and motivated high achievers. You can achieve that dream by using a few simple team-building tools. Find out what transforms a group into a team. Learn to speak with influence and build trust between team members. Handle personality differences and motivate everyone to reach peak performance.

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Coaching for Star Performance

Master the basics of workplace coaching so you can lead your team to success. Learn how to use coaching techniques to motivate and inspire your staff.  Coaching is an effective tool for improving work performance and getting the best possible results from feedback. You can use it to address performance problems and – more importantly – to take your best performers from good to great. Learn why coaching works. Then find out how to use coaching in YOUR workplace.

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Crunch Point Conversations for Managers

Crunch point conversations are discussions that focus on critical situations: work performance problems, team disagreements or sensitive feedback.  Learn to handle challenging management situations in a professional and assertive way. Set boundaries and maintain your personal power during tough conversations. Respond appropriately to difficult communication patterns. Stay resourceful when others become emotional. Discover how to influence effectively. This course will boost your ability to lead and inspire others.

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Feedback with Flair

Give skillfully delivered feedback and watch you staff flourish. Whether it is a criticism, compliment, or advice, you will learn how to offer it so motivation is fuelled, operations run smoothly and great end results are delivered. Learn how to plan, deliver and follow-up a feedback message. Gain skills in managing “tough conversations” or handling defensive reactions to feedback. Master the art of inspiring excellence from your star performers. This is a great course for any manager or supervisor who wants to get better results from a team.

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Discover what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is. Discuss how EQ differs from the “intelligence” measured by IQ tests. See how thinking patterns and emotional states influence your success as a manager. Hear how to change emotional “programs” that block success at work. Gain hands‐on experience using relationship management tools. Increase your personal power and influence at work. Learn practical ways to manage work overload, handle difficult relationships and build better work‐life balance.

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Performance Management Essentials

Master the art of managing performance so your team can leap to the peak of success. Learn how theories of motivation can have a practical impact in your workplace. Discover how to get your top achievers to contribute even more. Then find out how to monitor under-performance and raise performance issues in a constructive manner. Learn how to set goals for performance improvement and handle ongoing issues constructively.

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The Psychology of Workplace Change

Persuading others to take on change is a challenging task. That’s why you need to understand the psychological aspects of change. See why some people resist, and others embrace, change.  Hear what’s normal when dealing with change. Discover how to handle the challenging parts of change – at personal and team levels. Then learn how to shift resistant reactions to change. Bring along your questions and have them answered by an expert in change management.

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