NLP for success

Build peak performance states into everything you do  

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides a toolkit for studying the ‘psychology of excellence’. It’s based on the idea that we can study what makes star performers different, codify their thinking and behaviour patterns and teach those patterns to other people. In the workplace, you can use NLP to:

  •  Think, talk and act in ways which drive success
  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Create healthier, more positive relationships
  • Reduce misunderstandings and communication breakdowns
  • Develop confident, success-oriented mindsets
  • Prevent feelings of demotivation holding people back at work

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Communication Excellence with NLP

Discover how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can transform your communication! Learn to act upon the principles employed by star communicators, lay the foundations of strong communication, short-circuit power games, reprogram responses to people who push your buttons, detect nonverbal clues which reveal someone’s unspoken message, make an unpalatable message easy to digest by catering to a listener’s preferences, and smoothly navigate your way through conflicts. Master practical techniques you can apply immediately to enrich your personal and professional communication.

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Influence and Sell with NLP

Power up your sales results using the psychology of influence. Streamline your sales process by using three simple steps for structuring conversations with clients. Get your sales efforts off to a great start by meeting, greeting and connecting within 7 seconds. Track the language patterns used by your prospects, so you can match their key decision-making meta programs or ‘convincer strategies’.Detect linguistic presuppositions to pinpoint customers’ needs and concerns – even when they do not directly explain those needs or concerns to you. Use high gain questions and influential language patterns to handle objections. Close deals more often by matching your verbal strategy to your customer.

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Mesmerise Your Audience with NLP

NLP can add an exciting dimension to your public speaking toolkit. Discover how to stand out as an excellent presenter. Learn how to connect with an audience, code information to make it memorable, speak with influence, apply accelerated learning techniques and add sparkle to your delivery by telling captivating stories. A great course for anyone wanting to present influential proposals, motivate teams, train staff or deliver powerful speeches.

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