Positive relationships

Turn the key to success 

In business, relationship-building skills open doors to success. So don’t let bad ‘people skills’ hold your business back. Book a workshop with Australia’s people skills expert, Eleanor Shakiba. She’ll teach your team to:

  • Take a strategic approach to relationship management
  • Eliminate bad habits which waste time in meetings
  • Create positive partnerships with colleagues, clients and suppliers
  • Prevent personality differences causing conflict at work
  • Become highly successful influencers and negotiators
  • Overcome fear of networking, public speaking or speaking up in meetings

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Stakeholder Management1


Working with EQ1

Building Positive Work Relationships

At work, taking a strategic approach to relationship-building helps you collaborate with colleagues, resolve client problems and sort out conflicts. See how to work with different personality types. Create better partnerships using rapport-building skills. Show respect –even when you disagree with someone’s opinion - by using reflective listening techniques.  Express your viewpoint appropriately using assertive language patterns. Approach conflicts in ways that strengthen relationships. This is an introductory level communication skills course for anyone who wants to improve work relationships and learn the basics of collaborative communication.

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Handling Multiple Clients

Do you need better ways to juggle the competing demands of your clients? Would you like to gain control of your time and priorities? Then this course is for you. Master six techniques for getting your work on track. Control your workflow with a simple time management tool. Manage client behaviour by documenting your work processes. Negotiate reasonable timeframes for task completion. Set limits and boundaries in response to client requests. Then solve the real problems that crop up in your workplace, during an interactive Q and A session.

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Stakeholder Management

Do you want to build higher levels of support for your projects?  Would you like people to engage positively with a change process? Or do you want to gather input into a work process or system? Then you need to master the art of stakeholder management. Learn to identify who holds a ‘stake’ in your project, change plan or processes. Get buy-in by briefing your stakeholder groups effectively. Use focus group and needs analysis techniques to pinpoint stakeholder needs. Develop a communications plan which caters to the needs of your stakeholder groups.  Manage meetings in order to maintain engagement and get high-quality contributions from stakeholder groups.

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Working with EQ

Emotional intelligence (EQ) determines how you handle yourself and others. By building your EQ, you can increase your influence, reduce stress and build healthier work relationships. Explore four key skill-sets of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and interpersonal influence. Hear how perceptions, thoughts and emotions are connected. Learn to detect and influence ‘unresourceful’ emotional states– in yourself and others. Find out how to take a resilient, constructive approach to handling problems at work.  This is an introductory level course which gives you tools for working with greater emotional awareness.

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