Women in business



Boost the success of high potential women in your business

Want to empower professional women to excel in your team or organisation? Talk to us about the Corporate Wise Women Program. This inspiring development program aims to remove the three key ‘blocks’ women commonly encounter in their careers.

  • Confidence and visibility blocks
  • Influence and credibility blocks
  • Authority and profile blocks

Participants in the Corporate Wise Women program learn to think, talk and behave in ways which promote success.

The program can be delivered in either group workshop or one-to-one coaching formats. It empowers women to ‘be credible, be heard and be known’. Women can enter at any level, depending on their needs. 

 Be credible

  • Manage the impact of overt and ‘hidden’ gender bias on women’s professional personas
  • Define and showcase their core expertise
  • Think and behave in ways which boost credibility
  • Take a solution focused approach to challenges and problems
  • Manage transitions into management roles successfully

 Be heard

  • Shift from low-influence to high-influence language patterns
  • Gain recognition for their ideas, initiatives and contributions
  • Negotiate with confidence
  • Influence and persuade with political nous

 Be known

  • Network (online and offline) strategically
  • Access and thrive in leadership roles
  • Niche into expert roles
  • Speak and present at conferences or professional events
  • Write thought-leaders articles and books


Need a custom designed women in leadership program? Download our brochure here.

Contact Eleanor Shakiba to book this program for your business. 61 433 126 841