Solve your 'people problems'

You’re a successful, skilled professional. You know how to do your job. But these days, people problems are causing you grief.

You need Difficult People Made Easy. Inside you'll discover:

  • 5 power phrases for handling verbal attacks
  • Hundreds of ways to stop toxic people manipulating or abusing you
  • 4 steps for turning stress-inducing situations around
  • 5 ways to repair strained relationships
  • Step-by-step instructions for handling difficult behaviours - including shouting, crying, talking over you, making smart or sarcastic remarks and putting you down.

Right now, you might think some people are just too hard to handle. But once you’ve read Difficult People Made Easy, things will change. Author Eleanor Shakiba doesn’t just talk theory. She talks sense. She includes WORDS and PHRASES you can use in real life. And each chapter links to demonstration videos, to bring what you read to life.

Find the solution to YOUR problem.
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