Power up your results. Build better relationships. Be a star in your field. Book Eleanor Shakiba for high impact training and coaching.

Exceptional results are created by exceptional people.

Imagine a thriving business where people achieve exceptional results. We can help you create that business by tapping into the power of 'positive deviants'. These are people who produce outstanding results and change the world - or your business - for the better. If you want to tap into their potential, we can help.

Welcome to Think Learn Succeed

We deliver training and coaching for positive deviants. Using positive psychology as a base, we focus on three aspects that promote human excellence.

  • Positive mindsets (including change resilience, learned optimism and solution focused thinking)
  • Powerful communication (such as negotiation skills, conflict management and active-constructive conversation skills)
  • Purposeful leadership (including resilient leadership, thriving as a female leader and positive leadership tools)

Whether you need a workshop for an entire team or one-to-one coaching, we'll deliver a vibrant solution.

We deliver dynamic, engaging learning experiences. Walk into our workshops and see smiling faces and hear a buzz of energised conversation. Walk out of our workshops ready to change the world in positive ways.

Prime your team for success.

If you're organising training for a team or business unit, explore our corporate training workshops. If you're a 'solo learner' enrol in our coaching programs and online courses. If you're a trainer or HR practitioner, check out our Positive Psychology retreats in Bali.

We look forward to working with you.

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