Build resilience and tenacity in 3 easy steps.

The Mental Stamina Playbook was written for leaders and high achievers who need to power up their energy, drive and mental strength during chaotic times. Without stressing out or burning out.

This revolutionary Playbook explains how to feel positive, optimise thinking and revamp habits in challenging times.

Tough times need tough minds. The Mental Stamina Playbook is the fastest way to build resilience, tenacity and psychological grit. It explains exactly how to dial up energy, persistence and dynamism, using a breakthrough Neuro Motivation System.


Who is it for?

Leaders and high achievers who are suffering overload, burnout, or imposter syndrome.

It’s packed with tips on how to build psychological grit, power up your mental energy and turn ‘Help! I’m overwhelmed’ into ‘Wow! I’m loving what I do’. Get the amazing Mental Stamina video series by signing up today.

What’s included?

5 Crucial topics for shifting from stress mode to success mode.

1. What makes high achievers crash and burn?
2. Breaking the stress cycle with Neuro Motivation habits
3. Rebooting your motivation circuits
4. Optimising your thinking
5. Upgrading your own behaviour patterns

Who created it?

Eleanor Shakiba is a master trainer and coach.

She helps high achievers thrive – even in chaotic times – without burning out or dropping out. Her passion is working with ‘positive deviants’ to boost their mental stamina, creativity and self-assurance. Eleanor has trained over 50,000 people, using a unique blend of NLP and Positive Psychology to help them drive their own brains.