Stand out on LinkedIn


It’s not YOU that’s the problem, it’s your Linkedin page. Your profile is the first thing employers look at. So if you don’t have a standout page, you’ll never get an interview. Now for the good news. Standing out on LinkedIn is surprisingly easy. After all, most people do a terrible job of writing their profiles.

So if yours includes 5 simple elements, you’ll stand out from the digital crowd. Standout on Linkedin shows you exactly how to do that. Even if you hate promoting yourself, have a chronic case of writer’s block or suffer from imposter syndrome.

Learn with Eleanor Shakiba, trainer and coach to over 50,000 people.

Standout on Linkedin includes everything you need to build a high impact Linkedin Page over a weekend.

  • 6 videos with illustrations of exactly how to set up your LinkedIn page.
  • Your 30 page course manual.
  • 3 planning sheets to help you pinpoint your skills.
  • 3 audio guides to make writing easy, even if you hate writing.
  • 6 cheat sheets to save you time and effort. You’ll love the cheat sheet that explains exactly how to take the perfect profile shot, even if you can’t afford a professional photoshoot.