Become a new, more confident version of YOU.

Is low self-confidence holding you back? You CAN do something about it. Tap into your potential to be confident, happy and proud of your achievements. Transform your negative thinking patterns and develop mindsets of excellence. Learn NLP from master trainer, Eleanor Shakiba. Get the support and skills you need to power up your confidence now.





What will you learn in this course?

It’s time to stop suffering from low self-esteem and start building the life you truly desire. You’ll come out of this course with practical tools for firing up your natural confidence. You’ll learn:

  1. What NLP is and how it is used to build confidence
  2. Simple ways to make your self-talk more supportive and confident
  3. Practical techniques for managing ‘negative’ feelings
  4. Tools for challenging beliefs which hold you back or erode your self-esteem
  5. How to use self-hypnosis to build higher levels of self-assurance
  6. Ways to focus your attention on positive change
  7. How you can use Meta Model language to light the flame of confidence in your heart

The interactive format of the workshop means you will apply what you learn straight away. No waiting for change to happen. You will try out techniques in class. You can ask questions and get expert tips on how to handle your real-life challenges. That’s why interactive training is so much better than reading a book.


What topics will you cover?

In this course, you’ll cover a range of techniques for shifting from low confidence to high confidence using NLP.

  1. What is NLP?
  2. What is confidence
  3. Changing your mindset
  4. Changing limiting self-talk
  5. Shifting your behaviour
  6. Programming your mind for success

Eleanor has been delivering NLP training programs since 1996. She’s passionate about helping people learn the mindsets and skill sets that create success. Eleanor is the author of the popular book Difficult People Made Easy and numerous videos, training programs and podcasts. She is qualified in Social Anthropology, Adult Education, Applied Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching and Mediation. She writes and teaches in the areas of applied psychology, breakthrough communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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Course dates and venues

This course is being delivered in Sydney CBD

 Date: 11th November 2017

Address: Sydney CBD


Pricing details

EARLY BIRD RATE: $440 Available until 10th September 2017



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