A new take on new year’s resolutions

Get your year off to the best possible start. Make your New Year resolutions about self-fulfilment, not reinvention.

Ever made a New Year’s resolution you failed to action? It was probably a goal based on feelings of not being good enough. No wonder it wasn’t inspiring. The key to success is working from strengths, rather than trying to eliminate ‘faults.’

This year is the time for a new approach to goal setting. As well as focussing on what you want to change, keep in mind the things you want to retain. What do you enjoy doing? What gives you a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment? Resolve to keep doing these things – perhaps even do them more often. Here are three things you can do to accelerate success.

Communicate and connect

If you want to make progress quickly, tell others about your goals. Whatever your plans, you will need other people’s advice and support to make things happen. Consider working with a coach or counsellor in order to get the support you deserve. I’ve worked with the same coach for over 12 years and still find our monthly sessions a source of inspiration.

Keep on track

Poor time management can be a huge barrier to success. January starts with such good intentions. February starts to get busy. Then by April your resolutions have often long been forgotten. Take control of your time. Regularly review your progress in meeting your goals. Ideally, do this weekly. Schedule reviews in your calendar and make them fun. Go to coffee shop or pair up with a friend in order to make tracking your progress fun.

Maintain balance

Make time for preserving your health and your relationships. Your goals will be much easier to achieve if you’re physically and emotionally fit. Put your holidays, weekends away and fitness activities into your diary before you schedule anything else. My personal training sessions are scheduled in six months blocks, so I never have an excuse for not fitting in exercise.

Maintaining balance also involves recognising you can’t do everything. If you take on a new challenge, you need to think about how you make room for it. What are you going to do less of? Who can you delegate or outsource to? Work out what you do best and focus on doing that. The rest can be outsourced.

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