Are your high standards a sign of imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome means always striving for perfection, but never feeling satisfied you’re doing a good enough job. It’s a sneaking sense of self-doubt. Second-guessing every decision. Wanting to be confident, but not knowing where to start. Yes. Imposter syndrome is a habit. Constantly worrying that you’re not good enough. Feeling like it’s only a matter of time until people realise you you’re a fraud. Eleanor Shakiba is an NLP coach and trainer who understands imposter syndrome. She’s been helping high achievers beat it for over 20- years. In this video Eleanor explains why high standards are often connected to low confidence. Then she shares tips for reversing the self-doubt that drives imposter syndrome. It all comes down to  making small changes to your thinking and behaviour. Learn to stop over-thinking, overworking and overachieving  – and tap into the power of authentic, deep level confidence.



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