Beat stress with this simple tool

Mindfulness is the process of paying attention to the here and now. Doing this can help you reduce stress, improve your focus and even reduce the age of your brain. So, would YOU like to experience the benefits of mindfulness? Here are four simple techniques to get you started.

First, quit multitasking. It overloads your brain and slows you down. Focus on one thing at time and your brain will work better. Second, let your mind rest. Stop worrying about the future or ruminating about the past. This lets your brain relax and rest. Third, focus on sensory details. Focus on observing all the small details you can gather through each sense. Fourth, join a mindfulness group or try self-hypnosis. Both activities will help you relax and enter a state of focused attention.


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Remember, you don’t have to work hard to become mindful. You just need to make space for slowing down.


About the author of this tip:

Eleanor Shakiba is trainer for professionals in high intellect fields. Her expertise is in using positive psychology to build high performing leaders and teams. Eleanor works with trainers and HR specialists to build exceptional organisations and people. She is the author of the Positive Psychology Toolkit for HR and L&D practitioners. She also runs a range of retreats and workshops for trainers and facilitators.

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