Women in business

Unleash the power of your 'corporate wise women'  

In 2006, a client gave the nickname ‘Corporate Wise Woman’ to our director. This name inspired our women in business modules. They'll teach the women in YOUR business to:

  • Conquer ‘imposter syndrome’
  • Look, sound and feel credible in leadership roles
  • Eliminate ‘low power’ language patterns
  • Speak with confidence and influence
  • Stamp out unhealthy perfectionism
  • Put energy and effort into things that really matter

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Women in Leadership1



Negotiation Skills for Women1

Women in Leadership

Are you a woman who leads a team, a work unit or a business? Do you find it challenging to thrive in a work culture underpinned by male standards? Join this practical course and focus on building your profile as a leader. Hear how to establish a credible persona in your leadership role. Master tools for negotiating, handling organisational politics and commanding respect. Discuss key issues such as ‘double standards’ relating to workplace behaviour, having your voice heard in meetings and challenging gender stereotypes.   Learn practical strategies to build your visibility, confidence and influence as a woman in a leadership role.

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Negotiation Skills for Women

74% of women feel uncomfortable negotiating in a corporate context.  What causes this? More importantly, what can we do about it? Learn what YOU can do to power up your negotiation skills – so you will feel, look and sound confident at the negotiating table. Structure your negotiation to progress through five key stages, so you can keep it on track. Assess the strength of your position by defining your BATNA and WATNA prior to entering a negotiation. Think through your negotiation strategy, so that you can keep the conversation on track. Speak with influence, by adding six ‘power up’ principles to your message.

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