Course outline: build a resilient and optimistic mindset

In the age of digital disruption, mental toughness and ‘grit’ drive success. People with positive, resilient thinking patterns are better equipped to solve problems. They persist in the face of adversity and ‘get going’ when times are tough. That’s why everyone in your business needs to master resilient and optimistic thinking. This course explores the psychology of positivity and resilience. It covers practical techniques for dealing with pressure, embracing change and approaching challenges with curiosity and resourcefulness. Hear how to shift negative thinking and minimise stress. Learn how to design solutions instead of being overwhelmed by problems. Discover how simple it can be to shift out of ‘learned helplessness’ mode and think optimistically.

Topics you’ll cover

  • What is a positive mindset?
  • Increasing your optimism levels
  • Boosting your resilience
  • Regulating your emotions
  • Learning from setbacks
  • Planning for a positive future

What you’ll learn in this course

By the end of this course, you should be able to use positive psychology to achieve these results.

  • Think in ways that boost hope, optimism, resilience and personal power (self-efficacy)
  • Overcome negativity and pessimism by learning optimistic thinking habits
  • Use emotion-regulation tools to reduce stress
  • Take on a growth mindset and learn to use solution-focused thinking techniques
  • Increase your ‘positivity ratio’ and bounce back during tough times

About the course facilitator

Eleanor Shakiba is a positive psychology trainer and success coach. Her training style is dynamic and bold, with a dash of quirky humour. She believes that interaction, activity and experimentation promote learning. That’s why she uses experiential training techniques instead of ‘chalk and talk’ lectures.

In her early career, Eleanor ran an educational theatre company. In the mid 1990s, Eleanor discovered her passion for facilitation and adult education. She worked for ten years as a trainer and facilitator at the University of Sydney. In 2006, she founded Think Learn Succeed – a business which delivers training courses and coaching. Eleanor loves working with ‘positive deviants’. These are people who differ from the norm in constructive ways. They’re people who think, talk and behave in ways that change the world. Eleanor works with positive deviants to create vibrant business cultures and peak performance.

Eleanor is qualified in Social Anthropology, Adult Education, Counselling and Positive Psychology. She delights in helping professionals learn skills for success in the real world, using interactive learning techniques. Her students describe Eleanor as ‘a lively and enthusiastic presenter who can keep you engaged for hours.’ Her tools of choice are positive psychology, experiential learning and storytelling. She’s a bit of a photography fan, too. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll love her slides.

Creativity is Eleanor’s signature strength. She loves using it to write books, video scripts and online training programs. Eleanor is the author of Difficult People Made Easy and is currently writing her second book, 6 Habits of Savvy Female Negotiators. She has also created over 120 training programs and a range of online learning courses.

What people say about Eleanor Shakiba’s positive psychology and resilience courses

"Useful, invigorating/ stimulating, well-paced, good mix of intro/ video/ workbook/ discussion."

Jodi Burnstein

"Excellent! Great summary of how to identify positive thoughts and actions."

Jeff Zimbler
BSI Group

"Beautifully organised and presented. Very logical and easy to follow. I enjoyed the theoretical base as well as the practical applications."

Carolyn Watts
University of Wollongong

"The course was great. As a people manager, it really helped provide tips on how to foster positive mindset within my staff."



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