Course outline: conflict management and mediation

Is conflict impacting your team’s effectiveness? As a manager or team leader, you can do something to turn the situation around. Learn how to address conflict early and prevent it from escalating. In this one-day course, you’ll master basic mediation and conflict resolution tools. Learn when it’s useful for you to mediate and how to run a simple mediation session. Hear how to use a four-step process for sorting out differences between members of your team. Discover how to guide conversations using solution-focused questions. Get tips on assisting individuals to move on after conflict. This course gives you practical tools for addressing team conflict in the early stages and preserving positive team dynamics.

Topics you’ll cover

  • What is mediation?
  • Your role as mediator
  • Planning and structuring a mediation
  • Helping people focus on issues
  • Drawing out needs and concerns
  • Facilitating the solution-building process
  • Building an action plan and closing the mediation

What you’ll learn in this course

By the end of this course, you should be able to achieve these results.

  • Apply simple mediation techniques to sort out team disagreements
  • Plan a conflict resolution meeting using a four-step process
  • Establish ground rules for the discussion and explain the mediation process to those involved
  • Help each person identify and address key issues in a conflict
  • Map the perspectives of each party, so people can find common ground
  • Help the parties in a conflict find mutually agreeable solutions and options
  • Manage emotions during the mediation process

About the course facilitator

Eleanor Shakiba is a positive psychology trainer and success coach. Her training style is dynamic and bold, with a dash of quirky humour. She believes that interaction, activity and experimentation promote learning. That’s why she uses experiential training techniques instead of ‘chalk and talk’ lectures.

What people say about Eleanor Shakiba’s courses on conflict resolution and mediation

"Very good. A great perspective into something that I’ve previously had little to do with or knowledge of."

Jooli Starcombe
Woollahra Council

"Training based on real world experiences that is immediately applicable in my role."

John McCar
University of New England

"Great course and gave me insight and useful tips on how to identify an appropriate approach to a situation that involves conflict or requires negotiation."

Amber Emery
University of New England

"Excellent tips for effective negotiation and overcoming some of the barriers to a successful outcome."

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