Course outline: negotiation skills for professionals

Negotiation is the art of creating an agreement, even when people have widely differing needs. Build your negotiation know-how in this interactive, one day course. Learn to structure a negotiation, so you can work systematically towards getting a good deal. Discover how framing and anchoring techniques can boost your effectiveness as a negotiator. Hear how to build win-win deals, even when dealing with difficult people. Get tips on handling objections and moving the conversation beyond ‘no’ without sounding pushy. Try out a range of negotiation tools, so you feel comfortable using them in real life situations.

Topics you’ll cover

  • Introduction to negotiation
  • Planning your negotiation
  • Exploring needs and concerns
  • Creating win-win options and concessions
  • Handling the people side of negotiation

What you’ll learn in this course

By the end of this course, you should be able to achieve these results.

  • Choose whether to take a ‘hard’ or ‘collaborative’ approach to a negotiation
  • Plan and prepare your approach – so you know what to say and when to say it
  • Open, frame and drive a deal-making conversation
  • Ask needs-focused questions
  • Manage the exchange of information during a negotiation
  • Develop win-win options with your negotiation counterpart
  • Handle difficult behaviours, objections and diversionary tactics, so you can get to ‘yes’ more often

About the course facilitator

Eleanor Shakiba is a positive psychology trainer and success coach. Her training style is dynamic and bold, with a dash of quirky humour. She believes that interaction, activity and experimentation promote learning. That’s why she uses experiential training techniques instead of ‘chalk and talk’ lectures.

What people say about Eleanor Shakiba’s courses on negotiation skills

"Great course and gave me insight and useful tips on how to identify an appropriate approach to a situation that involves conflict or requires negotiation."

Amber Emery
University of New England

"Excellent tips for effective negotiation and overcoming some of the barriers to a successful outcome."

Four Seasons

"It is structured very clearly and make easy sense (with examples) and it is interactive."

Wenny Hariman
The Iconic

"Loved it; it condensed a really big topic into an easy to handle set of tools I know I’ll be using, thanks."

The Iconic


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