Fast change won’t last? Nonsense!

Too many people believe that if a change technique works quickly, it must create ‘shallow’ change and therefore result in a change that does not last. This is a myth. The truth is that many training and counselling techniques are rapid and yet also deep and long lasting. This ‘fast change doesn’t work’ argument is flawed for two reasons.

Firstly, swift change can be very deep. For example, have you ever changed your entire perspective on a problem after a single conversation with a wise person? I bet that change lasted!  Secondly, shallow change can still be permanent. For example, you might have picked up a bad habit – like eating lollies when you’re stressed – in just a few minutes. The change wasn’t deep, but I can imagine it resulted in a hard-to-quit habit. In other words, long-lasting change!

The same is true for positive change.  Rapid change can create lasting results. Let me give you an example. I shifted from believing I couldn’t set up my business to knowing I could succeed as a consultant. After just one question from my coach! That question was “What would happen if it worked?”

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So, the key question is not how long does it take for a change to happen?’ but rather whether the change meaningful and significant? If the answer is “Yes, this is worthwhile” then the change is likely to be lasting.

Don’t let that myth about personal change needing to take ages hold you back. If a technique is quick and easy to learn, use it! For example, NLP has been criticised “as too quick” or “too shallow” by many people who have not even tried it! If these people advise you to avoid NLP, ask them to substantiate their claims.

Finally, think for yourself. Try out some new techniques, like NLP. Like this page to find out more about fast, effective change for leaders.

About the presenter: Eleanor Shakiba

Eleanor is a leadership trainer, success coach and people skills expert. She helps managers, team leaders and business owners build credibility, influence and confidence – so they can become high impact leaders. Eleanor runs bespoke training and coaching for leaders who want to build ‘positive deviance’ in their businesses. Her expertise in teaching positive psychology and NLP makes Eleanor a highly sought-after facilitator. Eleanor’s qualifications are in Positive Psychology, Social Anthropology, Counselling, Coaching, Adult Education and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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