Find your strengths, find inspiration for success

Have you ever been advised to “do what you love and success will follow”? This may be more than just cliché. When you’re doing what you love, you are likely to be using your signature strengths. This means that you are not only doing what you’re good at, but you are at your happiest as well.

Positive psychologists define strengths as the things you excel at – and which energise you. Unlike skills you’ve learned or behaviours you’ve adopted, your strengths are an innate part of your psychological makeup. They make you who you are at your core.

If you want to tap into the impressive power of being strengths-focused, here are four simple steps to implement.

Take a signature strengths assessment

Research shows that people who use their signature strengths daily are more engaged and productive at work. It’s important to take a signature strength assessment – the questionnaire will identify your strengths, so you can put your best qualities to use.

Use your strengths in new ways

Establishing routines in your work can help you optimise productivity and efficiency. However, it can also cause you to take your strengths for granted. To really activate your strengths, brainstorm novel ways to use them in daily tasks.

Record the positive results of using signature strengths

Over the next few weeks, keep a running list of positive things that happen when you use your signature strengths. Examine the circumstances surrounding these events – it’s likely that your signature strengths aligned with whatever it is you were doing at the time.

Reconnect with your inner child

Think about the activities you loved doing as a child. It may be time to reignite your youthful energy and that unshakeable belief that nothing is impossible.

If your job or life circumstances aren’t naturally engaging your signature strengths, it’s time to look for ways to express them. Use your strengths creatively and consistently across as many life contexts as possible. You are at your happiest and most productive when your life is aligned with your values.

About the author of this article

Eleanor Shakiba is a specialist in positive psychology. Her passion is teaching talented people to use social and emotional intelligence to excel in business. She has been running ‘people smarts’ training for highly experienced professionals since 1994. She also works with high performing individuals as a leadership coach. Find out how Eleanor can help you and your team.