Is it better to give attention often or dramatically?

Everyone wants to have constructive relationships. But what helps us do this? Well, it seems that it is more effective to reinforce positivity in a bunch of small ways, rather than in one big way. Studies by The Gottman Institute show that regular, small acknowledgements are essential for maintaining a healthy relationship dynamic.

The researchers shared this story. An employee felt neglected by her supervisor. Why? Because he didn’t respond when she greeted him each morning. It turned out this was not intentional. He was simply pre-occupied. The supervisor started responding to the employee’s cheery greetings. And guess what? The employee began to feel more positive about her job and her (already good) performance skyrocketed.


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About the author of this fast fact:

Eleanor Shakiba is a specialist in positive psychology training. She works with people in high intellect professions – such as academia, education, project management, research and development and engineering. Her skills in interactive training make Eleanor a highly sought-after facilitator. Eleanor is author of the Positive Psychology Toolkit for HR and L&D practitioners.