Leadership loneliness: the hidden epidemic

Loneliness isn’t something leaders talk about at work – but it should be. There’s growing evidence that burnout and loneliness go together, producing a vicious cycle of isolation, overwork and exhaustion that directly impacts relationships and productivity at work. So, is your burnout really loneliness? Watch this week’s video to find out.


If loneliness is impacting YOU as a leader, here are three simple ways to combat it.

Get a coach

Long-term coaching relationships are the best way to prevent burnout and get the personalised support you need as a leader. For example, I’ve been supported by my coach for 22 years now. And during the COVID crunch, that relationship saved my business. When I was gripped by despair and feeling overwhelmed, having a trusted advisor on hand kept me focused and optimistic. All leaders should have coaches or mentors – and not only in the tough times!


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Join a support group

Surprisingly, most leadership development programs don’t address the impact of senior managers feeling isolated, unsupported and under intense pressure. That’s why I developed my Mojo Reboot program. It helps leaders build mental stamina by tapping into the power of group support. The program runs over three weeks to help leaders build momentum and decrease isolation.

Know the difference between tiredness and loneliness

Both conditions lead to low energy and lack of motivation. But what fixes exhaustion won’t resolve loneliness. Read my recent blog article for more information about loneliness and how to spot the signs of how it is impacting you or members of your team.