Making Hope Happen. Shane Lopez.

What makes humans different from other species? Shane Lopez argues it is our capacity for hope. In Making Hope Happen Lopez explores two intriguing abilities of the human mind: imagination and time sensitivity. He argues that these equip us to have hope – and thus to take positive action in our lives.  

Lopez also explores the difference between optimism and hope. He defines optimism as a tendency to expect positive outcomes. Hope, on the other hand, he describes as a belief in your own agency. This distinction underpins the book’s main argument that hope facilitates goal attainment but optimism simply makes you feel good.  

In addition to exploring the science behind hope, the book also includes many stories of hope that are truly inspiring. These are a great resource for anyone interested in teaching positive psychology techniques. After all, examples and stories are what bring dry theory to life.  

Making Hope Happen is written by a leading researcher in the field of positive psychology. If you are interested in the psychology of resilience, optimism or positive leadership, add it to your reading list. 

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About the author of this review

Eleanor Shakiba is a specialist in positive psychology. Her passion is teaching talented people to think and communicate in ways that promote excellence. Eleanor has been training for highly experienced professionals since 1994. She also works with high performing individuals as a leadership coach. Eleanor’s qualifications include degrees and diplomas in Social Anthropology, Positive Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, Adult Education and Neuro Linguistic Programming.