My favourite saying is this

Wow. I’ve been working in the personal development field since 1994. Over the years, I’ve read hundreds of self-help books. I’ve heard many wise words. And I’ve been exposed to many motivational statements. Most of these have faded from my memory.

Yet one stands out. This is the statement which pops into my mind in moments of self-doubt or uncertainty. It’s become a compass, which helps me keep both my life and my business on course. I don’t even remember where I first came across it. Nor do I know who originally created it. However, it resonates deeply with me.

The statement is “You are creating your future now”.

Why do I value this saying so much? I think it’s because it so neatly embodies an entire philosophy of life in such a succinct format. Additionally, it can be interpreted in many ways. This makes it a statement which can guide decisions and actions in a huge range of contexts. When things are going well, it suggests that you continue with current endeavours. When problems arise, on the other hand, it provides scope for shifting direction.

I’m sure you will find many meanings in this statement for yourself. Here are the three most important messages I draw from it.


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Everything we do has implications for the future

From choosing what we eat each day to making important life or career decisions, we are accountable for our actions. No, we can’t control what happens next. However, our decisions do set in place chains of events. So, it is always wise to consider that, even when we choose to do nothing, we are still impacting our future state.

We always have choices

Even when options are very limited, we have the capacity to manage our own thinking. Sometimes the only choice we have is to manage our reaction. Those of us who take this choice, tend to be more resilient and confident. This is why I prefer to make considered choices wherever I can.

Hope fuels resilience

Accepting that the future can be better than now creates hope. I keep this in mind when I feel pessimistic or despairing. Knowing that tomorrow can be better than today has been the source of resilience for many people before us. When we choose to tap into hopefulness and optimism, we have a far greater chance of experience in a positive future. Why? Because we’re more likely to head in the right direction and take meaningful action.

The next time you’re wondering what to do, or feeling uncertain about your current situation, try interpreting things through the lens of this statement. You never know, you might just find that creating your future now is an inspiring source of energy and success.


About the author: Eleanor Shakiba

Eleanor is a positive psychology trainer. She designs bespoke programs for organisations and individuals who want to promote ‘positive deviance’ in business. Her expertise in teaching social and emotional intelligence skills makes Eleanor a highly sought-after facilitator. Eleanor’s qualifications are in Positive Psychology, Social Anthropology, Counselling, Coaching, Adult Education and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Eleanor is the author of the Positive Psychology Toolkit for HR and L&D Practitioners.