NLP is the fastest way to build confidence. Here’s why.

I’ve been teaching neurolinguistic programming (NLP) since 1996. The first class I ever ran was for a group of millionaires who wanted to feel more confident. That’s right, even highly successful people struggle with self-doubt and poor self-concept. To this day, the three main reasons people come to my NLP courses are to overcome imposter syndrome, reduce shyness and beat stage fright. Many of them are caught in a frustrating double bind: They want to change, but they’re too shy to join a live class.


Of course, in this situation, most people want a fast and permanent way to switch from self-doubt to self-confidence – that’s what NLP provides. It’s a personal change system that reprograms patterns of thinking, emotion and behaviour. I’ll let you in on a secret here: NLP is based on a form of therapy called brief therapy. This is why it reaps very rapid results. There are many reasons why I love working with NLP. Here are my top three.


Change with NLP is superfast

NLP is the fastest way to build self-confidence because it reprograms your thinking patterns, your emotional equilibrium and your action repertoires, all at the same time, speeding up the process of:


  • feeling better about yourself
  • solving problems
  • changing unwanted behaviours
  • building new habits
  • getting the results you crave


NLP reprograms your mind at two levels (unlike most change systems)


Have you ever tried reciting a mantra such as ‘I am a confident and successful person’ only to find it made no difference to your self-assurance? That’s because your words were a thin varnish spread over a flawed self-concept. Your conscious mind was repeating a statement that just didn’t gel with your unconscious beliefs.


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When you build authentic confidence, this doesn’t happen. Instead, you bring your work persona and your home person are congruent. As I explained in my most recent article,

this allows you to overcome the sneaking feelings of low self-worth that so many gifted professionals feel.


NLP techniques can be learned in minutes


Despite its complex name, NLP is remarkably simple to learn. That’s because it’s based on three steps:

  • Observing successful people
  • Pinpointing how they get their results
  • Creating ‘models’ that others can use to achieve similar results


NLP models are exactly like recipes. When you follow them, you can cook up great results. As a trainer, this is my favourite reason to use NLP; it’s systematised and easy to apply. Ultimately, that means my clients don’t need me for long. Why? Because NLP puts the tools of change into YOUR hands. Once you’ve learned them, you can use them for (a much better) life.


Curious about how NLP can help you be a bold, confident leader? Enrol in one of my courses to find out more. Stay tuned for the launch of an exciting new program!