Optimists are less likely to have heart attacks

You probably know someone who lives by the mantra: ‘be positive’. And it seems that person has a point. Optimism is good for you on a number of levels. For example, optimism can positively impact your health. Here’s some proof supporting this claim. There was a huge study conducted by Jama Network Open over the course of 14 years. More than 230,000 people were studied across 4 different continents to find a link between life outlook and heart health. After the giant study ended, the researchers published a stunning result: optimists are 35% less likely to have a heart attack than pessimists.


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This finding has huge implications for the future of your health. And it is not only useful in the health field. After working with positive psychology trainers or coaches, many professionals have learned how to apply the principles of learned optimism at work. Why not do the same yourself?


About the author of this fast fact:

Eleanor Shakiba is a trusted coach and trainer to thousands of professionals in high intellect fields. Her expertise is in using positive psychology to build high performing leaders and teams. Eleanor works with trainers and HR specialists to build exceptional organisations and teams. She is the author of the Positive Psychology Toolkit for HR and L&D practitioners. She also runs a range of retreats and workshops for trainers and facilitators.