Positive Leadership. Kim Cameron

Want evidence that positive psychology can benefit your business? Then you need to read Positive Leadership. It’s my second-favourite leadership book (my top pick being The Fifth Disciple). Straightforward and easy to read, Positive Leadership looks at the theory behind positive psychology and transforms key models into a leadership toolkitThe book provides practical strategies for developing positive leadership in any organisation 

Clear and to the point, the book is datadriven and includes clear objectives. Cameron argues that great leaders take action to create positive organisational climates, build positive relationships, promote constructive communication and help people find meaning in their work. He then provides a range of tips and techniques for using these steps in your business.  

Read Positive Leadership if you’re serious about organisational change, culture-building, innovation or capitalising on the power of positive deviance in your business. It’s a great resource for human resource business partners, OD specialists, leadership trainers and facilitators.  

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About the author of this review

Eleanor Shakiba specialises in teaching smart people to use positive thinking and communication patterns to achieve success. She is passionate about using positive psychology to develop talented, high performing people. Eleanor’s qualifications are in the fields of Social Anthropology, Positive Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, Adult Education and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She loves working with people who make a positive difference to the world.