Should you be adding mindfulness to your leadership program? This case study suggests it’s worth considering.

The most effective kind of leadership is authentic leadership. This means that leading with your best self can strengthen teams and drive better results. Mindfulness is a powerful mental exercise that you can apply to your team whether you are a director, HR manager, team leader, or representative.

Take action as a leader and develop mindfulness with your employees and peers. Plenty of research shows that working together to solve problems, learning more about each other and being supportive of each other can drastically improve positive operations in the workplace. The more positive you are, the more lasting the effects of good teamwork will be.

Here is a good example. Emerald Insight implemented a 3-year training program on leaders to see how effective action learning principles were in the workplace. The results of the study showed that mindfulness increased significantly among participants and it changed not only the mindset but the entire structure of some organisations.


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If you are looking to bring real (and positive) changes to your workplace, try working on mindfulness. This means that you should encourage peers to be supportive of each other. It also helps to increase awareness about what’s going on and what’s being done right. Mindfulness = awareness and that is the best way to help everyone be on the same page. And rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the organisations, working together to identify positive solutions is key for transforming the organisation moving forward.

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About the author of this article:

Eleanor Shakiba is positive psychology trainer. She teaches highly skilled professionals to think creatively, communicate constructively and become positive leaders. Eleanor’s clients work in academia, education, IT, engineering, finance and health. She is the author of the Positive Psychology Toolkit for HR and L&D practitioners. She also runs a range of retreats and workshops for trainers and facilitators.