Something big is coming in 2023

Phew. It’s been a tough few years. At times I was tempted to retire, but thanks to my brilliant team, I’m entering 2023 with a new sense of passion and purpose. I hope you’re treading a similar path. My prediction is that 2023 will see a rise in retreats, one to one coaching and face-to-face training as we all process our experiences from the last 15-24 months. And I’m thrilled to announce that I have some exciting new sessions launching in 2023. These will help you step up your game and reach greater heights of success. Here’s what ‘s in store.

Bali retreats are back!

Finally we’re back on track with my  Bali retreats for leaders, trainers and HR practitioners. These are opportunities to dive deep into Positive Psychology and learn how to use it to create dynamic teams. Yes! The Bali retreats are designed to provide inspiring guidance, revitalising activities and new wisdom. You’ll create lasting connections with like-minded professionals and be equipped with powerful tools that you can immediately use at work.

Mojo reboot is launching soon

The Mojo Reboot online coaching lab is launching again. It’s an incredible 21 day journey created specifically for busy professionals who want to reboot their ambition, optimism and career focus. Watch out for the early bird deals. They’ll be coming soon.


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New coaching lab: Rise of the High Impact Leader

Finally, if you feel unheard or invisible at work then my NEW Rise of the High Impact Leader program is designed just for you! I’ve  been hard on this course, which will equip you with the skills needed to make a real difference at work and rise through the ranks of leadership.

Complete confidence goes self-paced

Sometimes it’s hard to make all the dates in an online program. So I’ve got you covered. This year, Complete Confidence with NLP will be launching in self-paced format. All the lessons will be available in recorded format. PLUS you’ll have access to drop in coaching labs. Thanks to everyone who suggested this. It’s an exciting evolution of the Complete Confidence program!

I  hope you’re as excited about 2023 as I am! I’m looking forward to helping you reach new heights of success this year. Wishing you a joyous start to a new year filled with successful endeavours!

This article was created by Eleanor Shakiba

Eleanor is a leadership trainer and success coach. Her mission is inspiring talented people to become leaders who make a difference.  Since discovering her passion for training and development, Eleanor has trained more than 60,000 people. She delivers face-to-face workshops for corporates, online masterclasses for leaders and Positive Psychology retreats for trainers, HR practitioners and leaders.