Handling team saboteurs

Scott’s attitude was a problem for the whole team. He was never happy with anything. He sabotaged team meetings with sarcastic remarks and dismissive body language.

Now Scott was playing with his phone, rather than participating in a brainstorming session led by Chris. Here’s how we’d help Chris deal with Scott’s behaviour. You can use the same strategies to respond to passive aggressive people in your workplace.

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Great service – more than a smile

Dan taught his staff to smile at customers. But still his customers were complaining about bad service.

Dan asked Think Learn Succeed to help out. We watched his team in action. Their real problem was a lack of systems. Without proper standards and procedures, service was inconsistent. Service personnel were struggling with inefficient systems and excessive workloads. No-one had time to stand back and address the source of customer problems.

Here are the steps we used to solve Dan’s problem. You can use the same strategies to establish a robust service strategy in your business.

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