Can being ‘in flow’ make you a better negotiator?

Do you think of negotiation as a stress-inducing activity, or do you see it as fun? If you answered fun, you’re operating from the same mindset as a savvy negotiator. Savvy negotiators take pleasure in the art of communicating with their counterparts. They enjoy the to-and-fro of concession exchange. They’re also playful and creative in both their thinking and communication patterns. They enter what positive psychologists call a flow state. Being in this state vastly increases their negotiation effectiveness.

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Talk yourself into success

Without action, your New Year’s resolutions are just words on a page. Here’s how to turn resolve into positive internal dialogue.

What do successful people do in order to build success? They keep their goals simple and memorable. Then they build a blueprint for action. The following plan shows how to nail down your goals.  

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