Top 10 quotes on win-win negotiation

Wondering how to take a win-win approach to negotiation? You’ll find useful insights in this short video featuring ten quotes about negotiating from the win-win perspective. They neatly capture what win-win negotiation is all about, as well as giving you some clues about how to do it well. Once you’ve finished watching the video, take your learning to a deeper level by listening to my free podcast on handling objections during negotiations.


I hope the video has sparked your desire to become a better negotiator. Research into what holds women back in today’s workplaces consistently shows that we lack negotiation skills. Fortunately, that’s a relatively easy problem for us to overcome. We can learn to negotiate in informal settings, such as workshops, as well as through coaching and mentoring. If you’d like to improve your negotiation skills, join me in my high-energy workshop Negotiation Skills for Women.