Trainers! Change this Zoom setting today

Presenting on Zoom adds an extra layer of complexity to any training course. Not only do you need to manage the tech issues but seeing yourself in action can distract you from doing a good job. That’s why I always turn my ‘self-view’ off before starting a session.

Most presenters don’t even realise they can do this. Yet its remarkably easy. Right click on your video panel. This will display a menu which includes the option ‘hide self-view’. Then voila! No more distraction.


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Here’s another tip. Tell your audience about this setting. Many people turn their cameras off because they dislike looking at themselves. This impacts group dynamics during training. So if you quickly brief the group on how to ‘switch off self’, you will often find that people are much happier leaving their cameras on. It’s also useful to know that this improves the dynamic of conversations in breakout groups. This is probably because participants focus on each other, rather than admiring their own faces.

Who would have known that improving Zoom sessions and reducing fatigue could be so easy? This is the sort of tip that can make a huge difference to your performance as a presenter or trainer. As is often the case, a simple change can reap a huge result.


About the author: Eleanor Shakiba

Eleanor is a positive psychology trainer and coach. She consults to a range of sectors – including higher education, health, finance and local government. Eleanor has been running training and coaching sessions for people in high intellect professions since 1994. She is qualified in Social Anthropology, Positive Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, Adult Education and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is also the author of the Positive Psychology Toolkit for HR and L&D Practitioners . This is a free resource for trainers and facilitators.