What science tells us about hope

Can hope truly drive us to success? This is the question posed in the article, The Will and Ways of Hope, featured on Psychology Today. In this article, it elaborates on the idea of hope and how it can be used to help individuals reach their goals. How having a sense of optimism and belief that a goal can be achieved has been proven to increase motivation and allow people to work harder towards achieving that goal.

The article delves further into the different ways hope manifests itself; through persistence, courage, faith, conviction and taking risks. These are key components needed when striving for success. Furthermore, hope is necessary for managing stress as it provides strength during difficult times and serves as an “antidote” for low self-esteem.  It is also important to remember that hope should be realistic and achievable; otherwise, it will lead to disappointment

The author of the article concludes with emphasising that hope has the power to drive individuals towards their goals and dreams. It can be used as a tool for success when accompanied by determination and hard work, making it possible to have a positive outlook and strive for greatness. Therefore, the power of hope should not be underestimated as it can be a powerful source of motivation in achieving success.


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For managers, business owners and supervisors, understanding the psychology behind hope is essential in order to lead teams effectively. Instilling a sense of hope among employees must be done with thoughtfulness in order to motivate them in the right manner towards desired outcomes. Most importantly, leaders must understand how their own behaviour shapes the behaviours of their team members which requires careful consideration when conveying messages regarding expectations or setting deadlines.

The Will and Ways of Hope is an insightful article on the power of hope and how it can be harnessed to reach success. It highlights the importance of having a sense of optimism when striving for greatness and using it as a tool to motivate oneself. Being aware of the psychology behind hope is critical in order for managers, business owners and supervisors to effectively lead their teams.

Find out more in the original article here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/beautiful-minds/201112/the-will-and-ways-hope

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