What’s going on in a narcissist’s brain: a new study reveals intriguing patterns

Are you curious about what goes on inside the mind of a narcissist? A recent research study has shed light on the intriguing neurological patterns that underlie narcissistic personality traits. It provides valuable insights into the complex interplay between brain circuits and personality traits.

It turns out that a specific brain circuit serves as a powerful predictor of narcissistic traits. This circuit involves regions such as the lateral and middle frontal gyri, angular gyrus, Rolandic operculum and Heschl’s gyrus. But the discoveries didn’t stop there. The research also uncovered an intriguing combination of normal and abnormal personality traits that can be used to forecast narcissism.


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On one hand, traits like openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness appeared to be linked to narcissistic tendencies. On the other hand, traits such as borderline, antisocial, insecure, addicted, negativistic and Machiavellianism also played a role.

The significance of these research findings cannot be understated. They provide a scientific basis for understanding narcissistic behaviour and offer hope for improved approaches to dealing with narcissists at work and home. As the study’s lead researcher says, “This research opens up new avenues for exploring narcissism and provides a foundation for further investigations into personality disorders.”

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