Why leaders should focus on hope, not resilience

Resilience is an important part of positive psychology, but it’s not everything. Maintaining optimism and hope in the face of adversity increases your chances of success. Resilience helps you keep moving, but you also need hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, resilience and hope don’t mean much without good habits.

Resilience is essential for dealing with adversity. However, it’s not the only factor that determines your success. In a recent article, Alessandro di Marco claims that resilience is over-hyped. The author argues that you also need good habits. For example, you can’t expect to thrive at work or school if you don’t show up or contribute.

Alessandro di Marco explains how focusing solely on resilience also increases the risk of becoming complacent. It may lead people to avoid challenging negative situations. It decreases your mental stamina for dealing with change and adapting to challenges. Instead of trying to change things, you try to survive and move on. You may put up with negativity instead of addressing it.

Unfortunately, difficult situations are likely to continue if you don’t deal with them. You may also start to burn out from the added stress. Leaders often try to hide the stress by pushing forward. You don’t want to slow down out of fear of being an imposter. The author points out that signs of workplace fatigue can be mistaken for a lack of resilience. You may not feel successful if you admit that you’re overwhelmed.


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So, what’s the best alternative to resilience? According to Alessandro di Marco, you should look for hope. Hope is your ability to choose meaningful goals. It allows you to determine the steps needed to reach your goals. Hope is also necessary for maintaining motivation. Without hope, you don’t have the motivation to take steps toward your goals. You can read more about Alessandro di Marco’s ideas on resilience here.

Resilience isn’t the key to your success, but it’s still important. It’s a common focus of positive psychology. However, you need more than just resilience to succeed. You also need hope. Resilience is your ability to find a path forward during a difficult situation. A lack of optimism and confidence keeps you from accepting the path in front of you. These issues can lead to frustration, stress, and low self-esteem.

NLP can help you see the path more clearly. It helps eliminate the mental obstacles keeping you from staying optimistic. For example, a pessimistic attitude often comes from negative self-talk. Your inner critic dismisses any suggestions you put forward. NLP techniques, such as NLP anchors and cognitive reframing, allow you to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You can train your brain to hold hope.

If you lack confidence in your abilities, you may struggle to develop good habits. NLP provides an answer by helping you train your brain to stop dwelling on negative thoughts. I can help. Boost your confidence with my one-to-one coaching services and online courses available at https://thinklearnsucceed.com.au/