You CAN be confident even when you’re scared

So many high achievers believe that being uncertain, unsure or anxious about the future means they’re not confident. Today, I want to dispel that myth by exploring two interesting points about fear.

First, let me remind you that fear is a normal emotion. Confident people experience it just as much as everyone else. However, they process it differently to those of us with fixed, helpless or unconfident mindsets.

Second, I want to share some intriguing research on a key connection between fear and imposter syndrome. It turns out that a very specific sort of worry – fear of failure – drives imposter thinking. But only in some people: those of us with strong goal orientations. To me, this explains why so many leaders, high achievers and successful people battle with imposter syndrome. You can read more about this topic in my recent blog article, here.


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For now, here is my favourite tip on how to reduce your fear of failure: don’t set goals but design experiments. Know WHAT you want to achieve but be flexible about how to get there. If one tactic doesn’t work, do something else. That’s not failing; it’s learning.