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Do you want to know how to become a more effective leader and boost your leadership presence? Carol Kinsey Goman, in her article on, ‘5 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Leadership Presence’ outlines five simple yet highly effective strategies that any manager, business owner or supervisor can use to improve their ability to lead and command respect from those around them.

The first piece of advice Goman offers is for leaders to be mindful of their body language, as nonverbal communication has a huge impact on how we are perceived by others. One should always keep an open posture with arms uncrossed so as not to appear closed off or unapproachable. Furthermore, the establishment of solid eye contact at the beginning and end of conversations; this will show confidence and allow for better trust between the speaker and listener.

Another strategy is learning how to manage one’s emotions effectively; this includes both managing one’s own feelings as well as understanding the emotions of those around us. This involves accurately reading facial expressions and other body language cues in order to gain a better insight into other people’s feelings which can be difficult but essential for strong leadership. Additionally, projecting strength through voice modulation; speaking with a confident tone conveys authority and will inspire trust from others.


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Goman also encourages leaders to practice active listening; engaging with others by not only hearing what they say but also considering their words carefully before responding will demonstrate respect for their opinion as well as help build long-term relationships based on mutual trust. Finally, she suggests that leaders dress appropriately; dressing professionally demonstrates respect both for oneself as well as those whom they are leading.

By following these five simple steps, leaders can improve their presence and ensure respect from those around them. It is essential for any successful leader to understand the importance of body language, emotion regulation and communication in order to build strong relationships with colleagues. Therefore, implementing Goman’s advice is a great first step towards becoming an effective leader.

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