Do this to switch from self-conscious to self-assured

Are your feelings of self-consciousness holding you back from reaching your potential as a manager, business owner, or supervisor? If so, this article from the Bustle provides seven helpful tips on how to stop feeling self-conscious and take the necessary steps for professional success.

The article offers an important reminder that we all feel self-conscious at times. It’s normal and completely understandable that we may be hesitant to take risks or put ourselves out there—after all, it can be intimidating knowing that our successes and failures are visible to others. Thankfully, this gives us practical advice on how to set aside our insecurities and focus on genuine growth instead.

The article discusses seven tips for overcoming feelings of self-consciousness:

  • practice mindfulness
  • have clear goals
  • build confidence through small successes
  • focus on others’ needs
  • limit social media activity
  • don’t compare yourself with others
  • remind yourself why you’re doing it

These are all key elements of effective leadership. Mindfulness allows leaders to remain aware of their surroundings while also staying grounded in their own purpose; having clear goals helps them stay motivated even when things get tough; building confidence through small successes is essential for increasing the morale of those around them; focusing on the needs of their team members facilitates strong interpersonal relationships; limiting their use of social media encourages them to practice responsible digital citisenship habits; refraining from comparing themselves with others prevents them from becoming discouraged by unrealistic standards of success or comparisonitis–the habit of comparing one’s abilities and achievements with those around them–and reminding themselves why they’re doing something reinforces their dedication to the cause.


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By following each of these tips in turn, managers, business owners, and supervisors can develop the mental strength needed to lead confidently without feeling the need to constantly second guess themselves.

This article provides valuable insight into how managers, business owners, and supervisors can achieve success despite feeling self-conscious about their skillset at times. By taking each tip into consideration—from practicing mindfulness to availing oneself of expert guidance—individuals can become better leaders who cultivate lasting relationships with those around them instead of allowing fears about failing keep them from reaching their true potential.

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