Say No and Mean It


Do you say 'yes' too often? Break the habit quickly with this mind-programming audio session. You'll learn how to think more assertively and how to find the right words to say 'no' in everyday conversations. This inspiring mind programming audio session will help you feel okay about saying ‘no’ when you need to. It gently re-educates your unconscious mind, teaching you the following steps for saying ‘no’ assertively:

  • Overcome the habit of saying ‘yes’ when you don’t want to
  • Feel relaxed about saying ‘no’
  • Choose when you need to say ‘no’
  • Recognise the physical and mental signals which indicate that you need to say ‘no’
  • Program your unconscious mind to support you in being assertive
  • Set your own priorities and use them to stop yourself saying ‘yes’
  • Feel, look and sound confident when you speak the word ‘no’
  • Choose the right phrase to say ‘no’ in a range of situations


Say No and Mean It

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